Best bikes under 10 lakhs

The Rs 10 lakh category is a mental barrier for India’s superbike consumer. It also provides a price range with impressive performance and trendy style. The purchaser has a tough proposal to select from them. We list theĀ best bikes under 10 lakhs

Ducati Monster 821

With its muscular and sturdy appearance, exposed trellis construction and a fat 17.5 liter fuel tank, the Ducati Monster 821 is designed to accentuate the overall muscle style of the conventional Ducati monster. However the talk is the 821.1cc Testastretta 11 degree L-twin which makes 112bhp at 9250rpm and 89.2Nm at 7750rpm at peak torque.

Ride-by-wire provides three separate throttle charts – metropolitan, touring and sport – to select from. The strength of the Ducati Traction Control at the most invasive level 6 is restricted to 75bhp in Urban. Touring gets full power, but at level 4 traction control is poor. Full strength with low traction control and ABS involvement is available in competition. Top speed is measured at 225 kilometers per hour, but the lack of wind safety makes the high speed cruising less desirable.

Ducati Scrambler

The Ducati Scrambler is a plain, neo-retro motorcycle, started to commemorate the original Ducati Scrambler from the sixties in contemporary terms. What is described as the Scrambler’s post-heritage style works very well, mixing new elements with simplicity in the 60s and 70s’ motorcycle architecture.

The Scrambler is powered by an air-cooled L-twin 803cc engine with a power of 75bhp and a maximum torque of 68Nm.

The Triumph Street Triple is the perfect toy for the artist, agile, lively, punchy and with an exhaust note and a motor sound that is easy to hear..

The Street Triple powered by a 3x675cc in-line engine provides refined efficiency and easy acceleration in its segment which is hard to deal with. The performance is measured at just over 78bhp at 11000rpm, and the maximum torque at 8375rpm at 57,3Nm. The Street Triple provides a price of 7.91 lakh (ex Showroom Delhi), the right balance of sporty efficiency and practicality for regular use.

Kawasaki Z800

The other uncovered on this list is the Kawasaki Z800, the nearest rival in price and efficiency for the Triumph. The Kawasaki Z800 is vigorously styling and with an output quality that can compete with larger-class motorcycles. It has all the performance of a motorcycle, which is rare and full-screwed even at low revs, with a take-off and a draining note.


The rider gets positive input from a tubular backbone chassis, making a pliable kit and ensuring reception and stabilization. The short gear adds to a confusion as far as what gear you are concerned, and there is a significant shortage of a chosen gear indicator. The Kawasaki Z800 is a perfect bike for urban use at 7.5 lakhs.

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