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Owning a bike is the dream of every child. It gives the body a feeling of calmness and a refreshing atmosphere when riding a motorbike is more like a procedure. Apparently most people feel that the best time to reflect and come to a conclusion on the issues involved is long bike rides. These days, several people have been forced to drop the concept of offering a bike to themselves by the endless other expenses. And so we’ve come up with a list of affordable, highly preferred bikes.

Take a look at these low-cost, top-rated maintenance bikes


Bajaj, being a well-known brand has always come up with some exciting bikes and BAJAJ CT 100 is one of them which was earlier launched in 2004 and then re-launched in 2015 featuring alloy wheels. It has an average capacity of 99.27CC with a mileage of 89Kmpl and it also to be one among other rare bikes having spring in spring suspension which is pretty impressive.

Ex-showroom price: Rs. 33,786


Bajaj Platina is primarily a fuel-efficient bike providing a mileage of 90Kmpl and maximum power of 8.2 bph. It is completely reliable for long rides without worrying about refueling has it comes with an 11 liters of fuel tank capacity which makes Bajaj Platina an ideal choice if you are fond of long rides with no intervals in between.

Ex-showroom price: Rs.41,280


Splendor, a brand which is familiar to everyone across the country has been in the run from decades. In addition to the splendor family, Hero splendor plus is one of the finest one which comes with a max power of 8.2 bhp and mileage of 81 Kmpl. It is designed in a simple yet stylish way with graphics and having a add on of rectangular headlight which makes it fashionable.

Ex-showroom price: Rs. 51,790


TVS is a well-recognised brand offering some cheapest Bikes, India and TVS SPORT is one of them. It has a sporty classic look which is best suited working men of ensuring a mileage of 95 Kmpl and max power of 7.4 bhp. Also consisting a 12 litres fuel tank capacity claiming a long run of 792km.

Ex-showroom price: Rs. 41,957

Hope the above has been helpful for you to make a suitable choice when it comes to buying the cheapest bikes, which are also comfortable for India. Keep linked to us in order to know more. Thanks for reading this.

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