Major types of bikes that you can see on road!

A good bike will always help in maintaining your health and your posture. It will help in keeping your body in shape and also improve your blood circulation. It is very important to choose a ride which is a good fit for you. It is necessary that you buy the bike which will serve your priorities and also let you manage it very well for a long time.

In this article you will come across the major types of bikes that are much loved and you can often see them on the road.

Mountain bikes

Next comes the mountain bikes which are also the best cycles when it comes to speed and performance. they have been around since late 1970s and early 80s. These ones are good on rough terrain, gravel paths and unpaved roads. The mountain bikes come with suspension which makes it even better.

These bikes are made with the highest quality and best engineered materials. They are shock absorbers and is the best option if you want your bike to handle the off-road riding. It has robust design and can handle all the bumps such as potholes and kerbs too well. There are categories in mountain bikes like downhill bikes, endure bikes, fatbikes and street trials.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes are considered to be the fanciest of all. These bikes are either pedal assist or throttle powered. When you wish to ride up the hills or travel long distances, prefer buying one electric bike for you. This one is a great performer uphill and you can also buy conversion kits in order to convert your present bike into an electric bike.

Road bikes

The fastest bikes are the road bikes which are as fast as a road bike. These are one of the most essential types of bikes with thin tires, lightweight builds and most dynamic handlebars. These are made of aluminium or carbon components which make the structure even stronger.

These bikes are even more powerful when they are used on paved roads. The road bikes are the best when the drivers are good in dealing with high speed on paved roads. These road bikes are also suitable for the ones who are into sports and very athletic. Since cycling has become one of the major sports, engineers are aiming to build something that is comfortable, robust, and lighter at the same time.

Hybrid bikes

Now comes the hybrid bikes. These are known as hybrid bikes because they serve the purpose of both the road bikes as well as the mountain bikes. They can be used on both paved and unpaved roads. The riding posture which you have to maintain while on these hybrid cycles is 60degree. The beginners can always go for hybrid bikes and it is a good option for them.

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