12v to 5v USB Gadget Mobile Charger Accessory for Motorcycles, with switch


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Easy DIY installation onto motorcycle handlebar or anywhere in the car. No drill, No cut.

Can be quickly removed while the handlebar attachment stays on to be put inside tank bag, or hidden under the seat

One standard 5V USB port - use for charging tablet or smartphones directly from the USB port

USB tested to work with Apple phones, Samsung Note 2 phones requiring high current to charge

Water-resistant when both ports cover are closed (Not Water proof)


Will fit on any type of handlebars including on clip-on as installation is with provided zip ties

Inline 10A 250V glass fuse

Inline switch

No load standby current 8.63mA (so no worry of battery discharge even if left for many days with the switch ON)

USB port provides more than 1.8A DC current constant (2.1A rating)

Can charge Samsung Note, Galaxy, S2, S3, S4, Apple iPhone, Nexus, android, windows 8, Nokia etc small and large phones and even most tablets


Switch harness is OEM quality

The additional on-off switch provided in-line: this will go near the battery ie under the seat.

2 feet (~1.8m) extension wire from battery

This allows the switch to be accessible from under the seat yet hidden from prying eyes


All motorcycles


Do not use when wet, or use adequate protection

Do not use if accessorily becomes hot

High current draw devices should be used preferably when the engine is running to avoid loading the battery

Protect the switch with a plastic bag etc from water or dust particles for durability

Not designed for extreme off road use. USB port may stop working due to continuous usage on very bad roads. Normal usage on bad roads will be ok. Port can be removed quickly and put in a tank bag to avoid damage when going over long stretches of bad roads. For offroad use please see our USB only charger accessory.


This product CANNOT be used in rain. While raining the USB port must be closed with the provided cover. For rain use, our 12v gadget charger accessory is recommended.

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