RE EFI to Carb Conversion Kit by Grease House


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• Designed and exclusively integrated as a kit by the Greasehouse.

• Bolts on with the ECU still in place. This means less investment and best of both worlds!

• TPS feed from carb to ECU to ensure all ignition maps on the ECU are being used at varied throttle positions/RPMs. 

• BS 33 carb with custom tune specifically for EFI bikes. Guaranteed to work in all terrains without re-jetting. 

• Benefit from a higher fuel efficiency (30%+) with no drop in power if not better.

• No more fouling of plugs, slow speed niggles and high idle speeds.

• Road tested over 40,000 kms in varied terrains and altitude.



•Is this a pulsar carb? – No it isn’t a pulsar carb this carb is a UCD 33 which is similar to the one which comes on the bullet 500.

•Will the setup be similar to the bullet 500? –The carb and the inlet manifold model are similar on the UCE bullet 500. However the UCE bullet 500 runs a TCI ignition which cannot be compared to the ECU (ECU is superior and expensive).

•Would it be a plug and play or would I need to rejet and tune? – The setup is pre-jetted and tested specifically with the ECU and will need no changes post bolting on .we supply all the bolts required to fit as well .

•How would we be able to manage if any components like inlet hose, petrol tap, etc needreplacement over a period of time? - IndiMotard has tried to standardize most of the components to standard Enfield components, the inlet adaptor and the carb is similar to the ones used in the UCE std 500(although the carb only, if purchased from RE, costs more than our overall kit cost) and the fuel taps are from the classic 350/old thunderbird. 

•How about using a TM or a VM 34 mikuni carb? - Can be used but tuning the same would be a mammoth task as the carbs do not come tuned for the RE. usually the exercise ends up in the rider compromising in one of the areas: slow speed/midrange/top end and of course lower fuel efficiency. The UCD carb is tweaked to balance all the aspects and provide an optimum solution.

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