Handlebar Riser Kit for KTM Duke 200/390 (1 inch)


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Product Details

Handlebar Riser Kit for KTM Duke 200 or 390 - 1" kit


More upright position - better comfort for long distance touring

Adventure touring - stand up on the footpegs and ride comfortably without crouching


Supplied as a kit and DIY is possible at home with a good toolkit

Chunky aluminum riser blocks available in 1" increments - Orange color

Hardened steel bolts for rigidity

Nyloc nuts for safety


1-inch height aluminum cylinders - 2 nos.

M10 bolts (long for 1" installation) with nyloc nut set - 2 nos.

Liquid thread locker 4ml bottle


One inch riser kit (this product) - provides an adequate level of vertical rise for most riders. Does not require any cable re-routing. DIY possible.

Two-inch riser kit (search for RLP0198) [discontinued] - provides a higher level of vertical rise for true adventure class or dedicated off road riding. Requires a major cable re-routing effort and changes. With this kit both 1" and 2" rise is possible as per your preference.



Remove the 4 bolts holding the handlebar cap

Remove the handlebar from the handlebar base holder

Remove the two nuts under the top triple clamp - 17mm spanner needed

Remove the two long bolts and the handlebar base holder


Ensure the base rubber protection rings are placed back in the same sequence

Insert the longer bolts (supplied with the kit) into the stock handlebar base holder, into the cylinder spacer, into the top stock rubber spacer rings, into the top triple clamp, into the bottom stock rubber spacer rings

Use the nyloc nut to bolt the nut and tighten to 35 N-m torque (this is important to avoid loosening and any risk to the rider). Thread locker not needed as the bolt is nyloc

Seat the handlebar into the handlebar base holder

Install the handlebar cap with the 4 stock bolts (replace bolts if threads are damaged). Use a small drop of liquid thread locker (included in the kit)

Adjust handlebar position as per rider preference. Ensure that no cables are being pulled. Do not tighten the 4 bolts as yet.

Testing & finalize

Start the engine in neutral and move the handlebar to both right and left extreme positions. Check that the engine rpm remains constant. If there is change in engine rpm, adjust handlebar position to forward to provide some play to the throttle cables

Repeat above test again while pumping the front shock absorbers by putting weight in the front and moving the handlebar at the same time.

Once satisfied that the rpm is constant tighten completely the 4 bolts to 19 N-m torque in the sequence as per bike service manual.

Test ride the bike with full riding gear in a safe area to ensure that it's operating normally under all conditions

After 200kms of riding, check all bolts for tightness

Inspect at every service interval

Notes for a 2" riser installation

A major cable rerouting will be needed for using the 2" riser kit. The 1" spacer cylinders can be stacked on each other for the 2" rise and installed with the kit provided longer bolts. Ensure the cable routing is safe and done with consultation of a KTM qualified service engineer.


Improper installation can lead to serious rider injury. Practice riding the bike in controlled conditions after any major change to the bike, like the installation of this product.


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