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Product Details

LycanMoto is a company focused on producing innovative motorcycles accessories and equipment. It aims to make a motorcyclist’s life easier. Currently, we are engaged in producing toughly built crash cages that help protect you and your motorcycle. We’re producing crash cages for Royal Enfield Classic and Standard 350cc and 500cc variants and also for KTM Duke 250cc and 390cc 2017 models. 


What is Crash Cage?

Crash cages are designed to protect you and your motorcycle from damages when they fall accidentally in a standstill position or in motion. They are made with seamless pipes which are highly sturdy, rebounding and highly impact resistant. They are mounted on your motorcycle using 3 mounting points which provides greater protection, durability and helps prevents your bike from rolling over.



Protects you

Crash cage helps projects you from leg injuries when it falls accidentally


Protects your motorcycle

Crash cage helps protects your motorcycle from scratch, dents and other damages


Lift it up easily

When your motorcycle falls it tends to stop at a certain angle depending upon your motorcycle, and so you can lift it back easily, most helpful when the motorcycle is loaded with saddle bags.


Rusting protection

Greater protection against rusting and long lasting


Features of Crash Cage



Crash cage uses impact absorbing seamless pipe that is rebounding in nature to provide greater safety to your motorcycle



Unlike regular leg guard/crash guard, this crash cage is mounted using three pointing mounting system for greater support and durability



Powder coated design of this crash cage helps prevents rusting and is long lasting



Highly sturdy Industrial grade 3mm thick and 1.5” diameter pipe is been used to provide better strength



When motorcycle falls down it tends to stops at a certain angle depending on your motorcycle make. This helps your leg out easily in a cash situation. And it also helps you lift back your motorcycle up easily even with loaded luggage



With the three-way mounting system, it’s easy to install this crash cage. You can even install it yourself by just watching a video or take it to a mechanic nearby 



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