Wireless Helmet Led Indicator


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Product Details

Wireless Helmet Led Indicator - Add some bling and safety to your helmet, any helmet.



Quantity provided 1 set

Operating Voltage 12 volts DC

Do It Yourself (DIY) DIY Possible

DIY difficulty Easy

Fastening hardware for installation Everything provided

Country of origin Imported, modified by RLP, and sold in India

Weatherproof Waterproof rating (Ingress Protection IP) IP 53, Dust protected, Spraying water

Warranty for this product Choose between 7 days testing warranty OR 1-year standard warranty

User Guide URL Printed user guide provided

Type of packing Cardboard box




Helmet Indicator Module

Easy helmet mounting

Integrated brake and turn signal LED light

Quick remove

Got more than 1 helmet? - No problem: use same indicator module on multiple helmets

Low power consumption. Auto off in 30 min of nonusage.

Bright LED visible in daylight

Wireless transmitter kit

Compact module - goes under motorcycle rear seat

Got multiple motorcycles? - No problem: use same transmitter module on multiple motorcycles

No wire cutting required - quick tap connectors provided with kit

DIY installation


Helmet Indicator Module

8 LED's total (4 brake light, 2 left turn signal, 2 right turn signal)

Power Supply: two AAA battery (not included)

Indicator Size: ~155mm x 41mm x 22mm

Wireless transmitter kit

Wireless Transmission Distance: ~5 meters

Transmitter unit size: ~47mm x 26mm x 13mm

2.4Ghz operation

Wire connection: Black-ground, yellow-left turn signal, red- brake light, green-right turn signal


One key switch operation(on-nightlight-off):

Press on/off button, all lights flash twice, the light is ready to work

Press on/off button, brake lights flash three times every 2 seconds

Press on/off button, all lights flash once when the light off

Long press on/off button 5 seconds to enter code matching mode


LED module

Wireless module

Double sided velcro tape - extras can be purchased if you have multiple helmets

No battery in the kit

Removable harness - sufficient for 1 motorcycle. Extras can be purchased for nominal cost if you have multiple bikes

No cut connectors sufficient for 1 motorcycle. Extras can be purchased for nominal cost if you have multiple bikes


LED module can be removed from the helmet easily

LED module can be fixed to another helmet

Transmitter module can be fixed easily to another motorcycle

No wire cutting needed on stock electricals of the motorcycle - so warranty intact


7-day testing warranty - replace if any issue

No warranty after initial 7 days


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    Reviewed by Anmol on May 10, 2018, 11:46 p.m. | Permalink

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